vrijdag 17 september 2010

Fimo tutorial for a rose

Today I'm making a rose out of polymer clay (FIMO)
After already posting my results with fimo there is now a tutorial for all the people out there who want to learn the basics of using polymer clay. A rose is one of the easiests things to begin with.
Important things to know when working with fimo: You have to knead it thoroughly untill you feel it is warm and nice and soft.
While working with fimo there will always be marks of your fingerprints. When you realy do not want this to be seen in your project you can try using latex gloves. But for me it decreases the feeling I have with the material. So just make the fingers dirty there!

-Some red fimo, or the colour you want your rose to be.
-An oven that can bake your clay for 30 minutes on 110 degrees.
-Varnish if you want a shiny cote.

Starting with the base of your rose
You take a little fimo and knead it, than roll it out into a sausage.

This sausage you flatten out by pushing it down on a surface, the size of this will determine the size of the whole rose, I made it about 0.4 cm width.
Now you roll up this piece!

Keep rolling it between your fingers!

Well done, can you already see the rose?
Next you need to make little balls, these will be the pedals, again, the size of the balls will determine the size of your pedals and the more pedals you make, the bigger your rose will be.
I made 6 balls.
Now push down these balls between your fingers.

Tadaa, a pedal ready to be 'glued' onto your basis.

Keep sticking together your pedals and your rose is ready!

No you just chop of the exces stem and remodel your pedals untill you like it.

Time to bake it!
Remember 110 degrees and 30 minutes. It is ok to bake it longer on a lower temperature but it is not ok to bake it shorter on a higher temperature .

Now, when you like some shine, varnish it!

And your done! You can glue it onto a ring, an earring, a brooch...

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  1. Hoi hoi, leuk dat je mij bent gaan volgen, ik ben gelijk even bij je komen kijken. Je bent net als ik altijd met verschillende dingen bezig zie ik. Leuk!
    Die roosjes, daar heb ik er vroeger honderden van gemaakt. Ik plakte ze dan op van die houten Ikea foto lijstjes. Maar een ring, daar had ik nog nooit aan gedacht. Ik heb laatst bij een collega thuis een taart versierd en zij had een heel andere manier om met marsepein roosjes te maken en die manier wil ik nog steeds een keer op Fimo uitproberen.
    Was ik eigenlijk al vergeten totdat ik dit zag.
    Groetjes Lisette