donderdag 23 september 2010

Fimo apples tutorial

A polymer clay tutorial.
Today I'm making little polymer clay (or FIMO) apples.

-You'll need fimo (duh) in the colours of an apple, I chose red, green and brown.
- An eyepin to push into your clay, this is only optional
-Varnish for fimo and a brush to apply this varnish. I bought some true fimo varnish but you can also use some transparant nail varnish. Or you can leave the apple just the way it is, without a shiny cote layer.
-An oven that can bake your clay for 30 min on 110 degrees. This is how FIMO clay is baked, follow the instructions on your clay!

With the red clay, make a ball 

With a tool you make a hole in your ball, I used the back of a pencil, with my pinkie finger I sculpture the hole untill it looks like the hole you can find on an apple!

Now, roll roll roll your brown clay for the stem! Chop off at desirable length.

Place your stem on the top of your apple, I use a toothpick to attach the stem, you gently push in the brown clay into the red.

Time for the leaf! Make a little, little I  say, green ball.
 Push it between your fingers and shape into a leaf.

With a knife, needle, toothpick... Make lines on your leaf and use the same toothpick technique to attach your leaf to the apple.

Well, all done now! Bake, varnish, use your apple!

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